Dinner at the Brasserie les Deux Garçons

Our first official dinner in France was at the restaurant on the ground floor of our hotel.

IMG_7411After being seated at a long table in the glassed-in section of the restaurant, we discovered that we were sitting in what might be an enclosed smoking section. Thankfully, the smokers stayed outside at the cafe tables on the sidewalk, and most of the smoke stayed out there, too.

IMG_7397We started by perusing the menu and choosing our drinks to start our meal. The linked menus give you an idea of what we had available.

We started with a local wine from Provence.

We started with a local wine from Provence.


We had to try the French Onion Soup!


Jennie was excited to sample four different types of oysters.

Suzanne went for the lox plate.

Suzanne went for the lox plate.


I’m not sure who ordered the beef, but yes, they do serve fried potatoes with meals in France, and not just to Americans.


Terri had this fishy thing, which she claimed was very good. Update: Terri said it was Jon and he liked it.

Somebody HAD to order desserts — we were in France, after all — so we shared these delectable goodies.


IMG_7403 IMG_7404As we began to collect photos of our meals, we began to use the term “food porn” to describe our habit of taking photos of everything we ate. We hope you are not offended by our frivolous use of this term — we are all totally politically correct about the real thing. 🙂

Fodors says the food is not memorable at the Brasserie Les Deux Garçons, but for tired and hungry travelers, it served us well for our first night in France!



2 thoughts on “Dinner at the Brasserie les Deux Garçons

  1. For those of you who are wondering what the pink glow is on our plates, we had warming lights directly above our table casting both their light and their sometimes unwanted warmth on us.

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